I welcome you to my Angel Art Gallery –  the wondrous paintings I create are unique and directly channelled to me by your very own Guardian Angel, especially for you!

Angel painting, Bernadette Cross

Each Guardian Angel painting channelled and faithfully recreated by myself, is as unique and different as you are yourself!

This psychic art is of an extremely high vibration and every detail is lovingly given to me by your own Guardian Angel, whose image, colours and likeness, I faithfully recreate for you.

The pure, spiritual powerful, living energy radiated from your very own Guardian Angel painting will uplift and awaken your mind, body spirit and soul!

Angel painting, Bernadette Cross

Intended to be studied, the Angelic images are transient and uplifting; you may see Angels appear and re-appear in the background, as you become immersed in your very own painting!

This beautiful creation of your very own Guardian Angel is also accompanied by a six page narrative of Angelic channelling – as my Angel Guide Aurielle, connects to your Guardian Angel, I  receive direct communication on what you really do need to know I this, your Earthly incarnation………

I will channel you Guardian Angel’s name, explain what the colours mean and how they affect you as they radiate into your auric field I  receive information relating to your past lives and also which of our Ascended Masters are connecting and working with you – and why!

Each Guardian Angel painting is framed and comes in two sizes:-

14” x 11” – including mount - £120

16” x 12” – including mount - £150

Guardian Angel narratives are also included in this price!

I will be incorporating images of my channelled paintings in due course.