Angels are Divine Messengers from God and emanate from Divine Source. Through Angels, we have a special link with God and He created these wondrous celestial beings to guide, protect, enlighten and inspire us.

Angels are high vibrational beings of light and as we raise our own consciousness, we are able to sense their presence more easily with all of our senses.

Angels are watching over us all the time and we can call upon them any time we wish as they exist to love God and serve humanity. We are born with free will and Angels cannot intervene in our lives unless we first ask them to do so.

Angels are androgynous Beings with perfect balance of male/female energies but we may perceive them as male or female, at certain times.

I am so very grateful to my Angelic Spirit Guide, Aurielle who first appeared to me when I was a little girl of 3.

She has remained loyally with me throughout all of my ups and downs in life and due entirely to her input, I am able to channel Angelic help for my Angel Readings and Angel Courses.

I feel very privileged to have Angelic help in my life and I can help others by my Angels guidance and input. Aurielle lets me know how to help people connect to their own Angels and it is part of my Divine Purpose to assist others in  this way.


We have our own, special Guardian Angel who stays with us throughout all of our numerous lifetimes, connecting to our soul at the moment of conception.

This Angel loves us unconditionally and knows our innermost self and accepts us as we are.

There is another Guardian Angel is present for your work during your lifetime and will be accompanied by other Angels too, wishing to help you through your trials and tribulations – and happy moments of joy too!


The Archangels watch over and direct groups of other Angels, as well as all aspects of humanity.

I work with many Archangels – mostly Archangels Michael, Gabrielle, Raphael and Uriel.

Three are many more Archangels I work with – such as Chamuel, for matters of the heart Jophiel for uplifting thoughts.