Archangel Melchzadek

 Archangel Melchizadek

Archangel Melchzadek (name means king of righteousness) heads the Great White Brotherhood of Atlantis and is keeper of the White Ascension Flame.

Aeons ago, at the fall of Atlantis, the Great Ascended Masters joined together to create the Great White Brotherhood to maintain order and with the intention of initiating those in incarnation who were pure enough to carry the white light of ascension. (For more information - refer to my Golden Age of Atlantis Course)

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman 

Melchizadek acts as one of the three guardians of the Ascension Gateway, which he holds open with Archaeons Metatron and Michael in order to create a bridge and act as a connection between the Higher Dimensions and ours; he is responsible to bring his wisdom and teachings to humanity, with the help of Archangel Metatron and Ascension Energy transmission – as accessed by Metatonia therapy attunements and healing. (See Metatronia Therapy at my homepage).

Melchisadek energy is held at Cosmic and Galactic level, where it functions as a member of the governing council of our Galactic centre (the Milky Way) and serves as a liaison between Earth and the other representatives of the planets and bodies of this sector (that of the Great Bear) and the Galactic centre.

For more information refer to Atlantis at my homepage.

Melchizadek says:-

The Light began within the heart of God, and so too it is with you - your Inner Light, the threefold flame of your heart, where perfect wisdom sits with perfect love and perfect power, all in balance and all in harmony, each one supporting and enhancing the other. For these flames are your source of Light and your bond with the God spark within, which in turn is your connection to all that is and ever will be. Your flames “Light up your lives” and provide a beacon of illumination and hope for your fellow walkers on the path. Allow your Inner Light to shine forth and offer it in service unconditionally to those in need of your love, wisdom and power. For each one is dependant on the progression of our fellow travellers, whether they encourage and support us from in front or hearten and sustain us from behind. ALL are evolving on the ladder of life, and true reunion with Source cannot occur until all have attained the topmost rung. So as you reach out your hand to others, so too do I reach out my hand to you, to aid and support you.

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman