Metatronia Therapy Foundation Of Light (MFTOL) is an Accredited and Approved Training foundation. It is the governing body for all Metatronia Therapists.

(Please visit for further details regarding the Foundation).

MFTOL is accredited by IPHM for its Training/Workshops and Attunements and is a member of the IICT.

The foundation has been set up to offer guidance and support to all Metatronia Practitioners.

Membership to the foundation is a one-off payment of £30 to entitle you to support, guidance, direction and mentoring; you will also be placed on the Register once you are attuned as a Practising Metatronia Therapist.

You must join if you wish to charge clients for your services, and at Master Metaronia Level, but this fee is optional if you wish to be attuned for your own spiritual growth only, at Level One.

Prior to ALL Attunements the Metatronia Healer questionnaire and medical form will be issued for your completion as directed by the MFTOL to confirm your suitability.

It is advisable that you are already an attuned practitioner (eg Reiki) prior to becoming an attuned Metatronia Therapist. I am a Master Usui Reiki Teacher and can attune and attune you to the Reiki energy initially if required.

Please refer to my Usui Reiki information at this Website home page.

You must also ensure you have current Professional Indemnity Holistic Therapy Insurance as copies of this are a requirement of MTFOL prior to all Healer Practitioner Level Attunements please.





The first Attunement level is often felt as the more intense frequency as the sacred geometric coding align with your frequency and begin to work their magic.

You will receive energies and frequencies to heal yourself and then be able to go on and heal others after a 30 days post Attunement time period.

This is where the deep connection with Archangel Metatron occurs.

Some feel overwhelmed with the connection, others feel different, again it depends on your unique DNA coding and although this is healing energy, it does so very much more. 

Not only healing the physical body but the Celestial, Aura, Chakras, Lightbody, Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies are balanced and healed also. Many changes begin to occur in your life.

You will work through the mental body blockages, conditioning, behaviour, rigidity, as the expansion occurs you will grow in light and begin to connect to your true Soul's light and One Source energy.


A corresponding question/answer form will be issued to check you are ready for this Attunement - this is required by the governing body – MTFOL.

Once you have been accepted – you will receive your Metatronia Manual Level One by email – this is designed to keep costs down. If you wish to have a copy printed it will cost £15 plus postage & packing.

The in - person Attunement will take a day and will include lunch and all refreshments. You will be Attuned and learn:

You are required to pay the MTFOL Membership- one-off fee of £30 at this stage now if you intend to charge for your services as a Metatronia Therapist- If you intend to use this as a means of personal growth only -  then the MTFOL fee of £30 is optional.



The Master Attuner Practitioner which means you are able to work in an active practitioner capacity and attune others. You must leave a period of three months between Practitioner Level and Masters Level and be operating as an 'active Metatronia Practitioner'.'

To obtain this qualification you must submit 6 case studies/feedback from healing sessions (in person and/or distant healing sessions) you have carried out at Active healer level and be a member of the MTFOL.

After these have been received and vetted you will receive your Masters Metatronia Therapy Certificate from the MTFOL.

In the first instance you will receive and complete the Q & A form to ensure you are suitable to be trained/attuned at this level (MTFOL requirement). One you are accepted, the Masters Metaronia Manual will be emailed to you – if you wish to have this printed it will be £15 to keep costs down – plus postage and packing.

The In Person Masters Attunement will take a day, to include all refreshments /lunch and you will learn:


If you wish to take the Masters Metatronia Therapy Attunement to accelerate your own Ascension process, the cost is £200 and the Attunement process will not be taught and no case studies are required.

You will have to join the MTFOL at this Masters Level so the £30 fee will be payable now if you are not already a member please.




I am qualified to Attune Distantly – if you require this service please email me for information in the first instance. The procedure is the same as above for issue of your history/medical forms as directed by the MTFOL for suitability – but the prices will be reduced accordingly.



07716 4494 83



The Reiki/Metatronia/Energy Work Disclaimer


Spiritual healing and the above mentioned energy work are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program.

Reiki Master/Practioners, like myself - do not diagnose nor claim to heal.

These pages are offered as part of my practice as a healing light worker and are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual information.

 I find that invoking Angels and the Guides that are relevant to the healers and healee's personal spiritual paths may assist healing and recovery.

My primary efforts are directed to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own abilities to heal themselves and others, to Commune with Spirit Directly and to assist with Earth Healing.

ALL thoughts are Prayers, and all prayers are heard by Angels, so please accept yourself as worthy of wellness and abundance and happiness.


Metatronia Therapy® All Rights Reserved Tammy L Majchrzak