Metatronia Therapy, is an ancient, re-discovered Divine healing vibration, brought to mankind by Archangel Metatron. This healing energy vibrational system is now a recognised and insurable healing modality, for all of you budding Therapists out there! 

It is the most profound and effective support system to living one's own higher purpose and activating their full Divine potential by using sacred Geometric Coding and Universal Energy, resulting in profound healing and expansion!

This healing vibration utilizes Divine Light and One Source connection frequency through the guiding hand of Archangel Metatron, expressed in the teachings of the 'Keys of Enoch'. 

Metatronia Therapy is here now to assist mankind in his light evolutionary process, and assisting you in your ascension process, to access a higher consciousness and change your life for the better on many levels! 

Archangel Metatron holds the Keys to the Universe and transmits his powerful healing energy to balance, clear and bring about positive changes on a deep cellular level!

Your Divine blueprint is scanned, healed and realigned! 

In Metatronia work, the light-energy from Source is transmitted directly through the heart, or “heart centre”, and travels to the rest of the energy system. The higher the frequency of light-energy, the more deeply it can penetrate, so the high frequencies of Metatronia energy activate the latent, hidden potential within our DNA!

DNA is the blueprint of our life – containing energetic coding and structure on which your consciousness and physiology are formed. 

So far only 3 strands of DNA have been active in us; our potential is a 12 strand system which, when activated, will create a connection between our human genetic coding, giving us access to all knowledge and wisdom. This is the awareness and understanding of who we truly are... a homecoming... your real identity – 'I am, that I am...'  the Divine spark within! 

Metatronia Therapy can start to activate all 12 strands of DNA to create an alignment within ourselves allowing us to gently shift into much higher vibrational levels and frequency of light, helping our ascension process by further awakening our human consciousness. 

It strategically and practically directs each person to their awakening path, within their own DNA – whether by receiving an Attunement, (See Metatronia Attunements), or by receiving a Metatronia Healing session.



I provide a warm, welcoming, safe sacred space by inviting Archangel Metatron to transmit his wondrous energy, during these Healing Sessions.

In this fragrant Angelic ambience, I will record a short medical history and identify any emotional blockages/issues. 

You will be invited to relax on the soft massage table to receive a safe, respectful, hands on, non-invasive full body Metatronia Therapy treatment, accompanied by healing soft music.

This is a Heavenly one-hour session, which is a silent time for you to maximize and enjoy this ‘you’ time for yourself. 

During this session, our life stories are scanned by Archangel Metatron and healing begins by the removal of those 'stories' that do not serve us well.

Your blueprint is energetically realigned, repairing your DNA, healing the auric field and raising your vibration to a higher level – allowing healing to take place on many levels. 

This wonderful healing energy grounds us, stimulates positive though processes, energizes and uplifts! 

A shift in energy may be felt when the healing takes place and there is a 5-day cleansing/detoxing period that follows, so please be kind to yourself and take life easy. 

Please drink plenty of natural water to bring fluids into the body enabling toxins to be released to aid the electromagnetic energy exchange and vibrational uplift.

Metatronia In-Person Healing £40 per 1 hour (or so) Session 

Distant Healing (times/days to be agreed) £30 per 1-hour Session.



In the first instance please ring/email to book a Distant Metatronia Healing Session. 

I will email you relevant information and a client history questionnaire - which once you have returned completed, we can arrange payment and set a convenient date for the session. 

Please ensure you can commence the session at the designated time to lie down and remain undisturbed for the full hourly session. 

I will connect to you the following day to see how you are and to discuss the session and to offer any feedback. 


Metatronia Therapy Benefits:


The Reiki/Metatronia/Energy Work Disclaimer


Spiritual healing and the above mentioned energy work are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program.

Reiki Master/Practioners, like myself - do not diagnose nor claim to heal.

These pages are offered as part of my practice as a healing light worker and are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual information.

 I find that invoking Angels and the Guides that are relevant to the healers and healee's personal spiritual paths may assist healing and recovery.

My primary efforts are directed to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own abilities to heal themselves and others, to Commune with Spirit Directly and to assist with Earth Healing.

ALL thoughts are Prayers, and all prayers are heard by Angels, so please accept yourself as worthy of wellness and abundance and happiness.


Metatronia Therapy® All Rights Reserved Tammy L Majchrzak