Astrogical Birth charts

Natal Chart

Astrology is the science of the stars and your birth chart is a map of the heavens at the precise moment of your birth, showing the powerful influences of the planets, and how they shape your personality and destiny. Bernadette will plot your birth chart and complete a report to reveal your personality, potential, strengths, weaknesses, your hopes and dreams, spirituality, career and the kinds of relationships you are drawn to – and – provide guidance on how you can change your life to create your own destiny!

The Natal Chart costs £50 and will include your full natal birth chart and a six page narrative.

Past Life Astrology

Who were you in a past life? Past Life Astrology will help you discover your roles in former incarnations and explore their effects on your present life. Bernadette will provide a report with your planetary placements and aspects to your birth chart to ascertain your karma. Understanding your karma is purposeful, concerned with your growth and evolution as an ongoing lesson and will help you to understand why you are here and what you hope to achieve.

The Past Life Regression chart costs £30

Relationship Profile

This is a detailed comparison of your own and your partner´s Birth Charts. This is the Chemistry Between You Both, describing the connections that exist, how the Planets in one, interact with those of the other to provide an in-depth focus on your emotional/sexual/romantic relationships. These inter-aspects reveal how each person makes the other feel, and what each brings to the other by the way of worth , experience and opportunity.

The relationship comparison profile costs £65

Child Star Natal Chart Profile

This is a delightful insight into your child's birth chart to indicate the areas they excel in - and the areas they may need support in! To include a natal birth chart and a short explanatory narrative, Excellent present for a child's birthday!

Child Star Natal Chart Profile costs £20

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