Connected Kids- Mindfulness and Meditation

Welcome to preparing your kids for a better life, more free of stress an anxiety by teaching them mindfulness and meditation.

Many studies are available supporting the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, not just for kids, but for adults too!

As a busy mother and grandmother, I have used mindfulness and meditation for many years to  cope with life's stresses and strains.

It all starts with the calming the mind, living in the moment and bringing our attention to the breath breath … breath is the anchor to which we return to ... to resume calm and to 'let go'.

I have trained at the best Colleges and possess Diplomas for Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP and needed all of my skill set (and more) to help my teenage daughter work through a lengthy period of bullying and exam stress!

When my daughter desperately need help, here was simply so little offered or even available?

I am pleased to say due to my support and her willingness to practise the techniques I taught to her, she passed all of her exams and remains emotionally robust today!

My training with 'Connected Kids' was the best way forward and I remain passionate about helping kids (and adults) of all ages!

In Mindfulness and Meditation training there are simple steps to become familiar with:-


1.Breath is the anchor – Calming our mind (mindfulness) and focusing on our breath is the starting and finishing point for all types of meditation.

Our breath becomes our anchor, helping us to focus on the moment rather than be distracted by our thoughts.

Children can learn this too -  I will teach simple fun exercises, using stories and your child's imagination to bring your child to this moment and this breath …. your child will be present and not be anywhere else .... If you do the same, then you are both anchored in that wonderful calm, shared moment together.


2. Letting Go – Each child counts and is unique and special … this is how I teach meditation – it is a personal journey for you both.

Children respond in their own way to being taught, and meditation is no different.

We can suggest they sit, close their eyes and so on, but if they do not want to close their eyes, then we do not force them.  We can ask them to relax their gaze by trying to see out the sides of their eyes (it uses the peripheral vision which helps to relax the brain).


3. Using Imagination – I find children have a wonderful imagination – I use this to create a safe, beautiful place and describe this to children, so that in their imagination they can join us in a magical world and learn how to focus, breath and let go with the out breath.......


4. Pacing – There are many approaches to mindfulness and meditation, but there should be no set outcome.

We can set an intention but then let go … enjoy and observe. If children are restless, I work with this and guide them to have more contact with the ground, or just allow their energy to 'be' – they will find their own balance and I use my intuition to guide me at each point in time.


5. Practice, practice, practice -  Teaching meditation is only part of the therapeutic process.  As we teach, we also learn, too.

I ask the children to notice their breath, notice their body and relax their body ... as we join on with them on this special journey we create sacred space – this is a wonderful bonding for us all – created in my unique, warm, nurturing, safe place ...


Prices to Teach Mindfulness, Meditation and Coping Strategies - £40 per Hourly Session.

I can offer different rates for larger groups or classroom settings – please email me your requirements?

I teach adults mindfulness and meditation - £60 per session of up to 90 minutes.


Please ring -             07716 4494 83


Email –             angels @bernadettecross.co.uk  for all