Spiritual Life Coaching

NLP Coaching – The Difference, that makes the Difference!

This is for those of you who really want and need a change in their lives!

Are you fed up of being in a rut? Wanting to make that change in your life right now? When you know you can’t waste another day hoping things will improve, when you need support, when you haven’t been able to find the answers – NLP Coaching can help you, whatever the problem!

You can create the life you desire, attract better results, great relationships, good health, career growth, improved fitness, abundance AND MORE! Create your own reality! Be a magnet for success!

NLP Coaching with Bernadette helps you to access your inner wisdom, self-empowerment, inner happiness and peace of mind – to achieve your set outcomes!

How It Works

Bernadette uses a combination of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with many other practical psychological techniques that specialize in solving your own problems, holistically – mind/body/soul/spirit to achieve your own objectives and set outcomes.

You will be shown how to gently explore your inner world, release blockages, learn to love yourself and visualize exactly what you want – and the intriguing secret of how to get it!

Number of Sessions

Generally, depending on the problem you can choose to work on a on- off problem, or you can schedule a series of pre-paid sessions for over several weeks/months to deal with more complex issues.

What happens?

Each session is client –led – you set the agenda for each session by choosing what is the most important to focus on.

All sessions consist of talking through and discussing specific issues - the probable causes and your setting of your own required specific outcomes. This work may be gentle, challenging, often fun as it may involve Bernadette inviting you to engage in specific exploratory exercises, and direct your attention to finding your own internal answers or the sharing of relevant information and teaching specific skills.


Please e-mail or phone to arrange a session – 07716 4494 83


What is Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a way of relaxing and communicating with all aspects of your mind (conscious/unconscious), to achieve positive change. You are always in complete control, congruent and conscious of what is occurring. I teach self-hypnosis and provide a tape to ensure you can practise these sessions at home, to ensure you achieve your set outcomes.


Usually 4 – 6 Sessions are required but I do provide a one – off session for areas of rapid change, such as freedom from smoking (separate price) or freedom from anxiety.


This incorporates exploring and resolving deep-seated problems, with gentle yet powerful techniques, in a safe, nurturing environment. You will be expected to explore the issues you wish to change and achieve objectives by setting your own outcomes, with the nurturing guidance of Bernadette.


Mnemodynamics is a powerful, gentle yet thorough way of holistic Age- Regression Therapy. Bernadette uses this technique to gently lift away the negative emotional content of any unwanted memory, leaving the situation to be then recalled, without the emotional traumatic connection.

The above can be used to relieve stress, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, fears, lack of confidence, illness, public speaking, symptoms affecting mind/body/spirit or any habit you wish to overcome.

Prices – All Sessions 1.5 to 2 hours – Prices From £80


Ring Bernadette for a Booking/Information – 07716 4494 83