Client Testimonials


"This is a letter from my heart. Today, what I am is all because of the help from this lovely, kind lady, Bernadette, who helped me build my life again. I am now doing things in my life that I thought I would never do. I am in College studying and also feel a lot stronger within myself. There are a lot of similar people in this world, like Bernadette, but, this lady is something very, very different."
Manjit, Leeds. 2008 – Present
Tarot/Spiritual Life Coaching/NLP

"I have found Bernadette's Tarot predictions uncannily accurate and found the whole experience very satisfying and have been very helpful in making decisions in my life. I have had quite a few Tarot readings with Bernadette in the last few years and have found her guidance interesting and informative; she has a very pleasant, yet professional manner of speaking and I would whole–heartedly recommend a Tarot reading."
M, Costa Blanca, Spain. 2003 – Present
Tarot/Spiritual Life Coaching

"I have had help, advice and treatment from Bernadette over the last 9 years and wouldn't hesitate to return when I feel I need more help. I have a very busy, stressful life as a Therapist and mother/grandmother and my physical and mental health had begun to suffer. I found the readings and therapies from Bernadette have really helped in many ways and I now see things more positively; she helped put me back on track, after I could voice my real feeling and fears. I have also greatly enjoyed her Reiki healings and Indian Head Massages – this has helped me regain my energy and balance mind, body and spirit. I can recommend her to you strongly and am sure you will find her professional, empathetic, warmhearted and her genuine caring love will shine through to help anyone she works with."
C, Therapist, Ripon. 2000 – Present
Tarot/Hypnotherapy/NLP/Reiki/Indian Head Massage

"Hi Bernadette, Just felt I needed to let you know the help and guidance you gave me has totally transformed my life, both in thought and deeds. I have so much more confidence in myself and deal with situations easily, where before I would have struggled. You have made me think about myself and realise I am important and it has given me inner peace. I thank you so much and feel I have gained a wonderful friend. I would recommend Bernadette to anybody."
Jan, Ilkley. 2008 – Present
Hypno-Psychotherapy/NLP – weight loss/self–esteem/inner–child work

"Dear Bernadette, Just to say that after 2 sessions with you I have stopped smoking – after 10 years of trying! I don't know what you did – apart from you said it was Hypnotherapy and NLP – but it worked! I feel fantastic – more confident than I have in years. I would recommend you to anyone needing help."
D, Leeds – 2008
Hypnotherapy/NLP – Stop Smoking

"Can I say a huge thank you! Your help with the Hypnotherapy/NLP techniques has enabled me to pass my driving test – after failing 3 TIMES! My nerves would go before I even got into the car but with your help, I felt calm, relaxed and confident. You helped me achieve self–empowerment and self belief and my life has changed amazingly."
A, Harrogate – 2008

"Two years ago I had a horrible unexpected illness. I was in excruciating pain and was rushed into hospital with, what turned out to be, a twisted bowel. The pain is like nothing I have ever felt. I was quickly operated on (though they thought they were dealing with appendicitis) and then found a bed on a ward with elderly cancer patients. I was in a lot of pain whilst recovering and was put on morphine. This made me drowsy and sick. I was very uncomfortable and moody and could not settle. I remember feeling like I was having panic attacks and I just could not sleep nor get comfortable. Bernadette was wonderful at calming me down, pretty much instantly. The nurses had been trying for many hours to settle me, but within minutes of my healing starting, a great calm seemed to wash over me. To be honest, I do not remember much else after that as I actually went to sleep! For hours! The other patients in the ward were asking lots of questions as they could see the difference in me and they all wanted a go! Also, the nurses were really curious and asking for her number as they could not believe she got me to sleep so quickly. A year later, I unfortunately had to be rushed back due to scar tissue from the operation causing a bowel blockage. This time it was a wait and see type of stay, and I was in very bad pain for around 5 days, as they were trying to avoid operating again. This was a horrid experience as I could not eat, was on a drip, catherter. I was again on morphine and some days could not be settled at all. I just remember constantly feeling very panicked and scared and so lost. Bernadette again worked her magic and this was the only rest I felt I had when she was there to help me through and basically, just calm me down. It was like an angel at my side. My partner also felt the benefit as he was trying to act brave and not scared, but as soon as Bernadette got me to sleep, he broke down. Bernadette was able to calm him also and lift his spirits. After that, he felt much more able to comfort me, and I felt more secure with him there only. I know that my healing made a difference to my stay, and it is a shame that more patients cannot benefit from this wonderful experience."
Anon. – 2008
Reiki Healing