I teach people how to communicate and attune to Angels as I do myself, on a daily basis. The intention of my workshops are to facilitate your own spiritual growth and help you to connect to your own Angels to help, assist and guide you in your own everyday life.

With the help of my Angel Spirit Guide, Aurielle, I am able to offer these Angelic Channelled Workshops!

I have been privileged to have integrated my Guardian Angel Aurielle's own Teachings and Ascension Angelic Energies into my soul to help you raise your own vibration and consciousness to be enable you to hold these wondrous energies also – and enjoy daily practise!

I look forward to meeting you soon and may Angels always with you!


Find And Connect To Your Guardian Angel

In this inspiring workshop, we invoke my Four Archangels Michael, Gabrielle, Raphael and Uriel - using an Ancient Meditation.

These powerful Angels bring sacred space to invite Archangel Chamuel to invite your own Guardian Angel to connect with you! A wonderful workshop that will uplift all and assist daily Angel connection!

This is a 2 hours course and costs £30


Release Your Past With Your Angels

In this cleansing workshop with our Angels, we learn how our past lives can affect and influence our present life. We will take you through a powerful, yet gentle Guided Visualisation to release you from any trauma, from your past – in this life, or in any past life! You will find this liberating, cleansing and uplifting:-

This is a 2 hours course and costs £30


Heal Yourself With Your Angels

In this healing workshop we will connect to Archangel Raphael and His Healing Band of Mercy. We will be taken, spiritually to the Angels Healing Temple and have a deep clearing meditation to release stored emotional pain; cut etheric cords and let go of any upsets and allow your body, mind and spirit to be healed by our wonderful Archangels!

This is a 2 hour course and costs £30


Abundance and Cosmic Ordering With Angels

You have read the Secret – now find out how to apply these principles into your life to manifest the abundance that is your birthright – and something you truly deserve!

Ralph Waldo Trine, 1897 said: 

"Those who live in the realization of their own oneness with the Infinite Power become magnets to attract a continual supply of whatever they desire..."

You are meant to everything you want and desire. Your health, wealth, happiness, and relationships are meant to be filled with prosperity and fulfilment!

In this workshop we will take you through the exciting journey of abundance, step by step!

Course lasts 2 hours and costs £35


This unique workshop – and opportunity to meet and commune with the highest Angel of the celestial realms – King of Angels, Archangel Metatron!

Through my angelic channelled information and joyful, uplifting informative guided visualisation you will learn:

In this inspirational workshop you will learn all the knowledge my Angels have channelled to me – all about Archangels Metatron, and his connection to Archangels Sandalphon and Melchizadek!

We will link with our Angels and take you through my Angel guided/channelled visualisation where you will meet and commune with Archangel Metatron – once this connection is made, you can commune with him anytime and anywhere!

Course lasts 2 hours and costs £30


Archangel Melchizadek heads the Great White Brotherhood of Atlantis and is keeper of the White Ascension Flame. Melchizadek and is responsible to bring his wisdom and teachings to humanity!

Meet this wondrous Archangel to connect, commune and work with to assist in your own ascension process! You will be guided though a wondrous visualisation to connect with Archangel Melchizadek in his Temple Of light to commune and receive his blessing! You will learn:

Course lasts 2 hours and cost £30


The Golden Age Of Atlantis

In this exciting workshop will take you on the most incredible journey to discover the Legend of Atlantis and to connect to that Golden Age when the spiritual level of all on this the planet was the highest it has ever been!

Reconnect to your 12 Strands of Atlantean DNA and 12 Ascension Atlantean Chakras! You will be taken on a Guided Visualisation to journey through the Great Pyramid of Egypt and The Sphinx, with your Archangels Michael, Metatron, Melchizadek and Ascended Masters to experience the bliss of Atlantis yourself...

To learn:

 This is a 3 hours Course and Costs £35



Who is your Patron Ascended Master? The hierarchy of our Ascended masters and The 12 Rainbow Rays knowledge – known as the 'Mahatma' Energy awaits you in this wondrous, exciting workshop!

Your Archangels will take you through a journey to access your Golden Ascension Pathway and receive Blessings from Archangels Metatron, Melchizadek, Sandalphin,Michael & Zadkiel!

Our Ascended Masters will light up your aura, lift your soul and allow you to bask in their wondrous energy! This will further your golden pathway to self-mastery and enlightenment!

This is a 3 hours course and costs £35

Ascension Energy And Mary Magdalene

During this uplifting channelled workshop, my Archangels and I will reveal the Ascension Energy Transmission to me on the Cosmic event of 21/12/12!

You will learn of The Silver Ray of the Divine Feminine and the Energy process involved. We will be working with all Ascension Archangels, in particular Melchizadek and Metatron - using the Divine Light of Source, you will be beside your Angels to learn joyously how to:

This is a 3 hours course and costs £40

Opening To Clairvoyance With Your Angels - Level One

I welcome you to this exciting, informative and interactive workshop where I will channel information from your Archangels and Angels to teach you exactly how to open up to the wonderful world of clairvoyance under the protection of your Angels!

Protected by Archangel and Angels, you will learn:-

This is a 5 hours Workshop and costs £65


Opening To Clairvoyance With Your Angels - Level Two

In this next exciting advanced level of learning Clairvoyance under the protection of your Angels - I will provide Angel channelling to teach:

This course lasts 5 hours and costs £65


Learn Tarot For Today With Your Archangels

This is a 5 hours course and costs £75
Please bring your own Tarot Cards!



These Courses are intended for 6 to 20 people to allow for the uplift in vibrations to connect to our many Angels and Archangels.

If you wish to have an individual session, the cost will be approximately £100 for 2 hours in duration.

The Angel Courses may change from time to time – if you wish to receive my monthly Angel Newsletter, please contact me with your email address.

The cost of the above Course/Workshops may be subject to change according to expenses etc. However, I will advise of this at the time of booking.


Please Ring 07716 4494 83 or

Email – to enquire/book


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I am able to teach of my knowledge of Angels and Clairvoyance but I cannot be held responsible for any clairvoyant readings/channellings you offer to anybody after attending any of my courses.

Each of you are autonomous and work on your own progression, practise and Angelic guidance.

You must have appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance etc. if you intend to work with clients for payment.